A curated collection for a conscious lifestyle, from skincare to clothing, and personal pieces to support a minimalistic existence, embodying a sense of timeless elegance and practicality.

Sanara Tulum's co-founder, Daniella Hunter, wanted to curate a complete experience for guests and visitors, sourcing sustainably and carefully creating all that was needed within the eco-system of the hotel, restaurant, and wellness center. What began with signature robes and room amenities, soon expanded into a full spa skincare range, as well as resort wear, cut from the softest organic fibers, all produced in small batches in the Yucatan and Los Angeles.

Artisanal pieces sourced within Mexico and from select providers globally, add to the curated collection which feature within the Sanara Boutique, both in Tulum, and Malibu, and also available for shipping internationally.

'The By Daniella Hunter collection, featuring signature designs and curated pieces, was borne from a personal endeavor to hone into what was and is truly needed, to select sustainable fibers and ingredients, producing each item with care and respect, and to honor and appreciate these pieces for the enrichment and comfort they provide, without placing over importance on the items themselves.' Daniella Hunter

Sustainability Practices & Mission: By Daniella Hunter Brand

Clothing & Lifestyle 

Our mission is to continue improving our processes to work towards clothing which, after many years of loving ownership, will be able to biodegrade either within compost facilities, or landfill. We are committed to only working with natural and organic fibers, and as of 2019, all pieces have been sewn using organic cotton yarn, to replace the cotton/polyester blend yarn which is the almost solely offered option within factories and ateliers.  Our commercial wash and dye processes are free from toxic chemicals, and utilize a closed-loop system to minimize environmental impact.

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Our essentials skincare range is produced in small batches in Mexico, with purely natural and carefully source ingredients, then packaged in blue glass, cardboard or aluminum containers, some of which may be returned or refilled.

Artisan Sourcing

We have a direct relationship with all of the producers of our curated collection, always paying beneficial prices for these goods, with the mission to support our artisans to continue improving their lives. 

We appreciate the opportunity to share stories of incredible workmanship, crafts and skills, and will oftentimes choose to include pieces in the collection which only break even, simply to support ongoing traditions that are in danger of becoming lost.