Daniella's inspiration for her signature collection was birthed on the backdrop of her dual life between Tulum, Mexico, and Los Angeles, as the creative founder of both Sanara Tulum, and The Real Coconut.

With the softest of fabrics, made from sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, and silk, this capsule collection of versatile pieces has been carefully considered to take you from the dreamy comfort of your bed, lounging at home, on to days out and about, and elegant evenings , with minimal costume changes.  

Elevated minimalism and exquisite comfort are the buzzwords to define the brand, with an emphasis on quality over quantity, and pieces that will become staples in your wardrobe, to be worn over and over again.  Our clothes are crafted in small batches in ateliers and factories in Los Angeles, sewn meticulously with couture detailing and finishing.

Sustainability Practises & Mission

Daniella's mission is to continue improving the fabric sourcing, dyeing, and washing processes to work towards clothing which, after many years of loving ownership, is able to biodegrade either within compost facilities, or landfill.  Currently, almost all of the fabrics we are using are organic and from fully natural sources, and we are committed to only purchase natural fibers moving forward, and as of September 2019, all pieces will be sewn using organic cotton yarn, to replace the cotton/polyester blend yarn which is the almost solely offered option within factories and ateliers. 

Our current wash and dye processes use a closed-loop system to minimize environmental impact, and we look forward to introduce more natural dye options in future.

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